Toni & Mark

"I have been mesmerized by the pics all morning - already scrolled through them approximately 35 times, and I was a full hour late for work this morning after waking up to that glorious collection ! I have NEVER seen wedding pics like these, and I feel like it’s not just because I’m biased... your eye for a unique perspective is incredible. SO grateful to have had you capture our wedding – we will really be able to re-live the distinctive beauty of that day for years and years to come. Thank you for that awesome gift !"


Jen and Paul

"Shan, thank you for absolutely making our day ! You are truly beyond amazing and were exactly what we needed ! Besides being an unbelievably talented photographer, you are an incredible human being, and we feel so blessed that you were the one there to capture that magical day in our lives. Thank you for tapping in to how we felt. We couldn’t have wished for anything better. You deserve everything of the best."


Nick and Jessie

"First and foremost, Nick and I were totally chuffed with your books, they are very beautiful. Thank you so much. If I could have reached you the night we received them, I would have bellowed into the phone. Nick and I would love to send you a prezzie to express our sincere gratitude, it’s now wedding no 2 that we are so impressed with. Thanks so much Shanna, memories forever of our beautiful babes, we honestly can’t thank you enough. When we get back to CT, I will sort something out, and we will catch up. In the meantime, a million, zillion thank you’s."


Felicia and Damien

"Thank you so very, very much for taking such beautiful photographs of our wedding last September. We knew you were incredibly talented, but when we saw the final product we were blown away! You managed to capture the essence of the day, and the intimacy of the very personal momets, with such beauty. All that, and you were such a calm, organised, professional and caring addition to the day. Thank you, again, so much."