mersini and jannie, boeteka game farm, karoo

there are no words to explain what a gift this bride and her wedding were to me as a photographer.  so graceful, unique, stylish and elegant … she looked like she had been styled for a Vogue shoot with the help of a “grace coddington” magic wand.  quite amazing considering she works in politics.  mersini and i loved each other from the very start of our email correspondence one and a half years ago.  every email i received from her regarding her wedding preparations had me in a fit of laughs/  Mersini embodies a quote that i value as an important motto in life : “he who cares wins”.   thank you for caring so much about me and my art.  thank you for your trust.  and thank you for that amazing olive jam.  “olive you” Mersini, you crazy greek woman !   i wish nothing but love for my new friend, Mersini, and her now-half-greek-boer-man ….

greek bride gets ready

greek bride and wallpaper

bride and vogue veil

wall paper bride

greek bride to be

bride and dad get into the bridal car

bride in car laughing

bride has a quiet moment in car

bridal car traveling to wedding

bride on a karoo road

bride alone on karoo road

boeteka game farm karoo

bridal car travels dirt karoo road

boeteka game farm karoo in car

bride through window

bride about to leave car

bride getting out of car

greek wedding ceremony

boeteka game farm karoo greek wedding ceremony

cape town greek karoo wedding

boeteka game farm karoo cape town wedding

greek aunt mom and granny wedding

after the ceremony wedding

bridal party boeteka game farm karoo

karoo veld wedding boeteka game farm

bridal couple karoo wedding

boeteka game farm karoo bridal couple

cape town greek wedding

bridal couple walk into karoo veld

bridal couple black and white

bridal couple and windmill

crying bride during speeches

dancing bridal couple

greek wedding smashing plates

greek south african wedding smashing plates

sweeping smashed plates greek wedding


if you would like to see more of Mersini and Jannie’s glorious wedding then click here




  • mersini
    Aug 21st, 2013 - 9:57 pm - REPLY

    most gorgeously divine curly shan – as i’ve told you time and time again, i still haven’t the words to thank you for everything – for every funny email and moment shared – the big hug and shriek you gave me the first time we properly met face-to-face, for loaning us your amazing eye and capturing our day so beautifully. every moment and expression is captured with such style and your effortless grace (even when you ripped your amazing sequin party dress on the thorny bushes while taking photos in the veld undeterred!) such a pro, such a stunner and just the loveliest of lovelies!

    olive you to my kindred crazy darling heart, beautiful friend and honorary greek person!

  • Jamie
    Aug 22nd, 2013 - 9:53 am - REPLY


  • Gena D
    Aug 22nd, 2013 - 12:09 pm - REPLY

    Oh Shanna, how beautiful!!!!

    • Amanda van Wyk
      Aug 29th, 2013 - 3:35 pm - REPLY

      I cannot find words to describe how fantastic these photos are!! Absolutely stunning!!